Changes resulting from AGM of 25 July 2020

1. The Constitution was amended – see post for latest copy.

2. Club fee payment methods were amended – see post for details.

3. A committee change was made with Marie Hughes taking up the Treasurer role & Bernie Ennis taking the Assistant Treasurer. Bernie’s contribution in carrying out the Treasurer role in the past is warmly appreciated.

Membership fees 2020/21

At the AGM on 25 July 2020 it was agreed that the following would now apply to annual club fees:

Membership fees would comprise of either:

i) A one-off payment of €70.00 with no €2.00 walk contributions required.

ii) A one-off payment of €40.00 together with the €2.00 walk contributions, with a combined ceiling of €70.00.

It is requested that all members forward their 2020/21 club fees before the end of October 2020. 

Covid advice for all walks

In line with Mountaineering Ireland’s recommendations, we ask all members to not join club walks if:

i) They have symptoms of COV-19.

ii) They have been in contact during the previous 14 days with someone who has symptoms of COV-19.

iii) They have returned from another country during the previous 14 days.

Also, it is requested that no car sharing takes place.

No sharing of equipment, food etc is requested.

Social distancing should apply on all walks.

Training for Leaders

Links to Mountaineering Ireland & Mountainleaders may be found in the above Links page.

Details of Leadership courses may be found at these sites.

If you are interested in taking one of these courses in support of our club, please  contact our Secretary Mary on 086 161 5796.