Update 17 September 2020

All scheduled walks updated to 06 December 2020.

Subscriptions for the period 2020-2021 now due – please pay before the end of October either when meeting for a walk or directly to Marie Hughes.

The annual N51 Charity Walk will this year be for the benefit of SvP & River Rescue 7 is scheduled for Tuesday 29th December.

Changes resulting from AGM of 25 July 2020

1. The Constitution was amended – see post for latest copy.

2. Club fee payment methods were amended – see post for details.

3. A committee change was made with Marie Hughes taking up the Treasurer role & Bernie Ennis taking the Assistant Treasurer. Bernie’s contribution in carrying out the Treasurer role in the past is warmly appreciated.

Membership fees 2020/21

At the AGM on 25 July 2020 it was agreed that the following would now apply to annual club fees:

Membership fees would comprise of either:

i) A one-off payment of €70.00 with no €2.00 walk contributions required.

ii) A one-off payment of €40.00 together with the €2.00 walk contributions, with a combined ceiling of €70.00.

It is requested that all members forward their 2020/21 club fees before the end of October 2020.